Happy New Year

New Year, new beginnings, new resolutions and a new you!  New year can bring all sorts of pressures, not least of which is the  desire to lose the weight we put on over the festive season.  The key to success is to think what it is you want not what you don’t.  So, don’t beat yourself up for overeating over Christmas but look forward with enthusiasm and confidence to how you will feel this time next year.  The following tips are designed to help you.

Eat protein for breakfast.  Research shows that those who eat protein for breakfast eat on average 400 calories a day less.

Eat 3 meals and 3 small snacks.  Eating protein even just a little with each meal which will boost metabolism, eliminating hunger pangs and balancing out blood sugar.

Exercise some everyday.  Do what you love be it Salsa, football, walking, rock climbing, it must raise your heart rate to a comfortable level.

Cut down on alcohol.  It has calories in it!  Can loosen your inhibitions causing you to eat more.

Pay attention to your life.  Your life often disappears when you have an eating problem or even if you are dieting.  Eating your emotions is not healthy, find an alternative, search for what inspires you, investigate, be curious.

Nurture relationships.  Relationships can often give us what we are trying (and failing) to get out of food.  However relationships need to be cultivated with love and attention.

Visualise as often as you can your intended result.  Find a quiet place and pay attention to your breathing, after a while imagine yourself looking in the mirror at yourself  this time next year, see the changes you want, look carefully and how you look and imagine running your hands over your body, feeling the flow of the breasts, waist and hips – feel excited – this will be you.

Slow down.  Life can run away from us and we suddenly find ourselves older than we think!  By slowing down and attending to each moment we can slow time down. It has the added benefit of allowing to notice when we are eating when we didn’t intend to – to allows us to see the ‘gap’ and make a decision.

Eat for health – not to diet.

I have every confidence if you follow these tips there will be a new you – inside and out!

Happy New Year

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