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New Year New You

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New Year New You

New Year New You

I am very excited to be running the ‘Understanding Your Eating’ programme in the New Year.  This is a brilliantly innovative programme for all of you who know that they eat their emotions and want to have a healthier way to get through the ups and downs of everyday life. The programme was devised by Professor Julia Buckroyd who, after working with ballet students applied what she learnt helping them with their disordered eating to the wider public.  Julia and her team have run some trials and the programme was piloted for a year 2008 to 2009 with good results.  Prof. Julia Buckroyd is also known for her book Eating Your Heart Out: Understanding and Overcoming Eating Disorders which looks at the way we misuse food to express our emotional hunger.  This is still available at, although it is going to be reprinted in 2011.

Your weight matters

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Your weight matters, get a head start on feeling better about yourself and join the new Understanding Your Eating course which  is starting on Monday 17th January at 7.15pm until 8.45pm,  runs for five weeks and is to be held at the North Oxford Community Centre, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7DP.  There is nothing else like this course which is based on extensive research by Prof. Julia Buckroyd author of many books including ‘Eating Your Heart Out’, see for more details

life and chocolate

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Try this; when you want that chocolate, that naughty piece of gorgeousness, yumminess, have an piece of fruit -as well, see how it makes you feel.  There’s more to life than chocolate.